I read 17 books this month, kinda small compared to my other month reads but that’s probably going to be a trend for this year because I wanna do more this year so I want to reduce the number of books I read. Still gonna keep reading though (I hope).


The one’s worthy of note:


1.CARVE THE MARK BY Veronica Roth- now there are some controversies surrounding this book, I don’t know about that. I liked the book and I give it  4/5 stars. Looking forward to continuing the series


2.GRACELING BY Kristin Cashore- I liked the book but I don’t really have much to say about it but it was a good read .4/5 stars


3.RUINED BY Amy Tintera: Can’t wait for the next publication in the series, really enjoyed reading it and I give it 4 stars. They said it’s a blend of Kiera Cass’s Selection series and Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen, haven’t read any book in the selection series. I think the winners curse too should have been added to the mix. This book is solid and I really enjoy reading it , I rate it 4/5 stars.


4.THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN (Holly Black)-this book was a huge disappointment , it had good reviews on goodreads and even my three trusted booktubbers gave it good reviews but I didn’t like it at all. It started out fine, actually it started out okay and then went downhill.


5.LUNAR CHRONICLES 2-4 BY Marissa Meyer-  i have a review on this already WINTER (THE LUNAR CHRONICLES, #4) by MARISSA MEYER.5/5 stars

6.FEVER SERIES 1-5 BY Karen Marie Moning- 5/5 stars

7.INCEPTION BY Bianca Scardoni-4/5 stars

8.THE LOVELY RECKLESS  BY Kami Garcia- 4/5 stars



I have 17 books on my tbr this month, they are mostly series continuation. Am only going to mention my top 7 in the order am probably going to read them (tried to reduce it to 5 but……):



  • THIS SAVAGE SONG BY V.E SCHWAB- this is my most anticipated read on this tbr list, have always wanted to read Schwab books and this seems like a good place to start.


  • SHATTER ME (2-5)BY TAHEREH MAFI- the writing style is unique and have heard some rumor about the relationship in this book, wanna see how that could possibly play out. Also I want to see how Juliette Ferrars grows into her power







“Fate and fortune. Power and passion. What does it take to be the queen of a kingdom when you’re only seventeen?


Maya is cursed. With a horoscope that promises a marriage of death and destruction, she has earned only the scorn and fear of her father’s kingdom. Content to follow more scholarly pursuits, her whole world is torn apart when her father, the Raja, arranges a wedding of political convenience to quell outside rebellions. Soon Maya becomes the queen of Akaran and wife of Amar. Neither roles are what she expected: As Akaran’s queen, she finds her voice and power. As Amar’s wife, she finds something else entirely: Compassion. Protection. Desire…


But Akaran has its own secrets—thousands of locked doors, gardens of glass, and a tree that bears memories instead of fruit. Soon, Maya suspects her life is in danger. Yet who, besides her husband, can she trust? With the fate of the human and Otherworldly realms hanging in the balance, Maya must unravel an ancient mystery that spans reincarnated lives to save those she loves the most…including herself.”


Four main points from this book;

1.IT’S THE MOST CONFUSING BOOK HAVE READ SO FAR: There are names in this book I can’t pronounce (actually I think there’s not a name in the book I can pronounce). The beings in the novel has confusing names that does nothing in telling what they are and what they do and even the ones that were explained? I think the explanation just makes things worst. And sometimes the poetry can be sweet, swoon worthy but also choking and disconcerting the same paragraph  ,


“Although I had never envisioned marriage, I had thought of love. Not the furtive love I heard muffled in the corners or rooms of some of the harem wives. What I wanted was a connection, a shared heartbeat that kept rhythm across oceans and worlds. I didn’t want the prince from the folktales or some milk-skinned, honey-eyed youth who said his greetings and proclaimed his love in the same breath. I wanted a love thick with time, as inscrutable as if a lathe had carved it from night and as familia”

“I want to share whole worlds with you and write your name in the stars.”

“I want to measure eternity with your laughter.”

The fu*k that means?

I have no understanding of the world or the palace, am still trying to wrap my head around a room/world? and already am being thrust into another(Calm the muse and gimme a chance to catch up will you?) .

2.MAYA IS A FOOL: How many times could one person possibly screw up before wising up(her screw up’s just two but it feels like a hundred), I mean hasn’t she heard the advice not to rush into judgment before you’ve had all your facts?.what’s worst is her judgments are usually not the easy ones that can easily be retraced but huge world damming decisions that not only affects her but her ‘love’ at best and the ‘world’ at worst. I mean seriously I felt like reaching my hand inside to smack some sense into her like ‘girl cool your horses, get your facts straight before plunging the knife into the tree or jumping into the reincarnation pool….seriously!’.  And of course all is forgiving and wrongs are made right but has she really learnt her lessons ?. Also Amar’s the most boring love interest have ever read in a book with all the power he has, I mean I can’t pin point just one thing to make him stand out. Sure he’s powerful and all but all I can remember about him is him pinning away for his love and “standing beside her,not in front or behind but in front’. I mean seriously? (I find my self saying this a lot throughout the book). I hate to compare books cuz that’s unwise and unfair but I can’t help myself here, Tamlin too needed saving but even in his “captivity” he still managed to project power and while Feyre was doing the work trying to free him, Sarah J Mass still managed not to let him go into oblivion in the process. I think authors are so engulfed in trying to make badass heroines that they sometimes write the hero into oblivion. Feyre is powerful but so is Tamlin and  Rhys is another level of badass, he probably gave the word meaning.


3.I RATE IT 3 OUT OF 5: Despite it’s shortcomings  I still enjoyed reading the book. It gave a fresh kind of view into human character, shortcomings and defects , how powerful a split moment decision can be . Whether for good or evil. And also the consequences that can come with them. Because it’s a book with an ending things get sorted but in real life things don’t always happen like that. Split second decisions that takes us away from things that could have made us happy for the rest of our life, things that could have brought us to completion and truly quench the aches of our heart. Life is very precarious and sometimes we don’t realize it, like the thread in the novel a yank could lead either way. This novel really stirred me up and it’s a cool breeze from the usual fairy-tale story (though I love me fairy-tales, life is hard enough. Books are means of escape). I really enjoy this book despite the fact it was confusing and choking a times (there’s a glossary at the end though, I didn’t read it but it’s available. Just thought to mention that ), I don’t like things that confuse me ( it’ll bug at me till I find answers ….stressful) I still like the book so 3 out of 5 and I’LL STILL RECOMMEND IT (never going to reread it though).

4.KUDOS TO ROSHANI CHOKSHI- I  think this’s her first book (I could be wrong, don’t quote me on that) and it really is not bad for a debut, definitely not less just too much.

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I’ve read 3 out of the 15 books I have in my August tbr , I was supposed to upload a post on that and it’s even written already but getting images and blurbs proves to be a lot o work and even though I still tried ,my network seems to have another thought so here I am talking about a tbr you know nothing of a ( I MIGHT still put it up but still then just pretend you know what am talking about)

Like I said I’ve read 3 of my tbr i.e. CINDER,RED QUEEN and MY LIFE NEXT DOOR. Only MY LIFE NEXT DOOR inspired a review out of me not because the others weren’t good but I guess they are just not my kind of cocktail.

I used to read a lot when I was in secondary school ( don’t know what’s called in other part of the world….high school?)  and then  sort of  grow out of it and into movies . Recently though , thanks to this lovely girl in my department I got into reading again. During the dry period I saw the movie twilight and found fanfic and it was love at first sight, I read a lot of wonderful variation of Edward and Bella stories

; real good award deserving stories.

Getting back into reading real published books made me realized I’ve probably being jaded by all those stories because it takes a lot (or a little), like a real lot ( or real little) to get my interest in a book. In addition to that is  my anxiety episodes, I love stories that are long but it also feels me with dread thinking about all that could possibly go wrong in the book before I can get to the happily ever after,   and then I found out most books comes in series now so I might not even get the happy ending till like book 4 (  I do not like books with tragic ending, it leaves me in a funk for days and I think life has enough sadness I do not need to actively seek out more) seriously people the struggle is real .


On to the review…….



At first I was just turning the pages so I could finish it but when I couldn’t find the will to go on I turn to goodreads to learn what the story was about cuz I haven’t yet figure it out, I went in blind ( something I try not to do, anxiety and all) and the review wasn’t really encouraging, it wasn’t my kind of fix. I continued still because of all the good reviews. Some  100+ pages and still no sparks (I  mean the giddy feeling of a good story………. not the romantic type…..right….) I thought I’ll finish that page and cut my losses but what do you know ….sparks!.


The major gist……I liked it, will read the rest of the series but not too much in a hurry to get to it


3 out of  5

images (1)


I didn’t go in blind with this, read the blurbs and some reviews . I read the book and I do not like it . Not because of some writing flaws or world building problem ( am really not a good judge of those kind of things, it’s either I like the book or not. Trying to dissect into the way of writing is like inviting a mental break down Which is why I always emphasize on this being the opinion of just a girl who likes to read not a professional review.)


The major gist……….I don’t like it and most probably won’t be continuing the series ( that’s not a certainty though, might just pick up the next book tomorrow if it bothers me much. I hate not knowing how a story ends )


No rating, won’t be fair to the author

images (2).jpg


  1. Love .It . Not in a A COURT OF MIST AND FURY way or Rick Riordan series or Mercy Thompson series way  but it’s the closet have come to really enjoying a book since I read the above stated, read the whole book in a day. Moved on to WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE cuz I thought it was continuation …… alas it was not. It would have being sweet if it was continued tho (  annoying right ?……it’s the book you want to be a series that happens to be stand alones ).


The major gist ……..I love it


4 out of 5 stars


I apologize for the long ‘review’ and I applaud you for sticking around……..you have my solemn respect ( I don’t give it out easily…. I think?)






“R is having a no-life crisis—he is a zombie. He has no memories, no identity, and no pulse, but he is a little different from his fellow Dead. He may occasionally eat people, but he’d rather be riding abandoned airport escalators, listening to Sinatra in the cozy 747 he calls home, or collecting souvenirs from the ruins of civilization.

And then he meets a girl.

First as his captive, then his reluctant guest, Julie is a blast of living color in R’s gray landscape, and something inside him begins to bloom. He doesn’t want to eat this girl—although she looks delicious—he wants to protect her. But their unlikely bond will cause ripples they can’t imagine, and their hopeless world won’t change without a fight”

The book is about a zombie that ” came alive” . The story is told from the point of view of the zombie which must have being hard. The fact that it was told from the zombie’s perspective  made it interesting because he was truly a zombie, the brain eating type and not the reformed type of the TV series zombie. Making something worthwhile out of that view to draw readers in enough to develop interest  in Rrr other than the fact that he’s a brain, flesh eating character must have being hard. Another thing about it was that it was funny at least it was at the beginning and I liked the first paragraph so much I thought I wouldn’t be able to put it down till I finished the whole book.


I think the story is more about the zombie trying to be something more than what his current situation warrants and creating a sort of revolution in the process even though the relationship  between him and Julian was the catalyst that spur the change. Funny  I came across the book in a romantic book recommendation.

Along the line though it kind of lost the zeal it started with and I stopped enjoying it as much as I did in the beginning. I was turning the pages so I could finish and not because I wanted to find out what happened in the next page. Am not saying it was bad but it was like starting at point 10 and then easing down to point 7.


I should probably talk about characterization and world building and all that writer stuff but I know nothing about those sorts so am not going to spoil someone’s hard work by talking about things I no nothing about. If I wanted to though I’ll say it’s got all that sorts and that’s probably what threw me cuz I have short attention span and trying to focus on a concept dragged long confuses  me, I like information passed in small chunks and when useful to the current situation of the book. Other extras and I space out.


The amazing thing about the book was how it stuck with me after reading it, like the taste of a good meal long after eating it. I was grinning about it days after reading  and while trying to figure out what to read next. Will add the next book in the series in my August tbr (if Christ tarries)

I give it a 8/10