Psalm 1:1

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

 nor stands in the path of sinners,

nor sits in the seat of the scornful

It is said that all needed for evil to thrive

Is for good to do nothing

I say all needed to be defeated

Is to be surrounded with the voice of defeats

To be surrounded by negativity every hour of the day

Constant scorn and putting down

Both verbally and in action

But the real defeat comes from the mind

When their voice of hate and narrow-mindedness

Finds audience in the ears of our mind

When our thought starts to dance to the tune of their depravity

The difference between a lie and the truth is the mind

It becomes the truth when it is believed

Do not believe their lies

Refuse to conform to their blueprint

Step away from their poisonous rots

And if stepping is unattainable

Block your mind from the bullet of their spews

Remember all the battle that matter is fought inside

Guide your heart

Guard your mind

Protect your spirit

Live your life beautiful

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I know what I want
I think I even know how to get there
But who will become along the journey
What would I have to do to get there
What will be left of the old me when I get there
Will it survive?
The part of me I cherish
Will it be worth
but I can’t stay here either
I have to move
Cuz life waits for no one
But to which future
To the one I think I want at the risk of loosing myself
Or the safe one with lesser risks
Comfort or Glory.



Breathe, yesterday’s over

Lived to die another day

Smile to welcome the new day

Let the troubles of yesterday stay there

Let the wisdom for today flow in

Through the roses and honey


Through the mud and moss

Deep breathe

Through the wave of agony

Please breathe

Through all and eveerything

The high, the low and the very low

Breathe and keep putting one foot ahead of the other

That’s the secret to pushing forward

Don’t let the storms sink your ship

Raise your flag up high

Cuz “God with us”


On The Road


Order my steps in your word

By your word guide my spirit

By your light brighten my darkness

By your counsel broaden my understanding

By your fellowship give peace to my soul

By your voice let thy will be known

By your blood let your seal be engraved

By your love let my heart find joy

By your peace calm my storm

By your acceptance let me find rest

Lord my God

The voice I hear

The song of my heart

The light of my countenance



Being insecure is a burden

To be strong is not easy

To live is war

Death is a risk

Peace has a price

Chaos crushes all

To merry is to be happy

Tears is the leaking of the heart

Life is a mystery

It’s inhabitant seeks to unravel

From foundation to the peak

From the lowest to the highest

One thing is common to all

Nobody knows tomorrow

Nobody can change the past

Everybody wants a better future

Everybody has a burden

Keep up

Or fall away

Note  one

Nothing last forever

Note  two

Love conquer all

Note three

Love can destroy all

Note  four

All was made by ,through& for Him

The strong and the weak

The broken and the whole

All He aches for



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27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;


God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.


28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things


—and the things that are not—


to nullify the things that are,




In a world full of questions and uncertainty

It’s easy to fall into despair about tomorrow

Fear about the things we can’t control

And even the things we could control

We fear we’re gonna end up being wrong about

Fear can be powerful

Fear can be crippling

Fear will literally hold you down to a place

Reduced to a shivering mess of body

Justified or unfounded.

They say fear is False Expectation Appearing Real

It’s not always false though

Like the response to the sight of a loose seemingly hungry lion

True or false

Do not give in

As always …..easier said than done

Lets start conquering our fear

It only has as much power as we’ll give it

Be in control