Psalm 1:1

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

 nor stands in the path of sinners,

nor sits in the seat of the scornful

It is said that all needed for evil to thrive

Is for good to do nothing

I say all needed to be defeated

Is to be surrounded with the voice of defeats

To be surrounded by negativity every hour of the day

Constant scorn and putting down

Both verbally and in action

But the real defeat comes from the mind

When their voice of hate and narrow-mindedness

Finds audience in the ears of our mind

When our thought starts to dance to the tune of their depravity

The difference between a lie and the truth is the mind

It becomes the truth when it is believed

Do not believe their lies

Refuse to conform to their blueprint

Step away from their poisonous rots

And if stepping is unattainable

Block your mind from the bullet of their spews

Remember all the battle that matter is fought inside

Guide your heart

Guard your mind

Protect your spirit

Live your life beautiful



Will you die for me……


Would you live for me

Sometimes dying for someone is not the sacrifice

It’s being alive

It’s being the anchor that keeps them grounded

The stitch that holds all the pieces together

Staying by their side as they run the race

Calling to them to keep going

When they’re about to give up

When their knees lock together and they stumble

It’s in looking down at the crumpled mess they  are

Without judgment or insults

It’s in the offered hand of help

And the constant mutters of “Get up”s

Dying means they loose you

Living means they have you

Despite whatever might be currently going wrong

It means you can be the glue that holds every part together

The good and  the bad

And no matter what’s happening

You are their gravity


Will you live for me?

Will you let me live for you?

The  savior asks?

Have Faith



Breathe, yesterday’s over

Lived to die another day

Smile to welcome the new day

Let the troubles of yesterday stay there

Let the wisdom for today flow in

Through the roses and honey


Through the mud and moss

Deep breathe

Through the wave of agony

Please breathe

Through all and eveerything

The high, the low and the very low

Breathe and keep putting one foot ahead of the other

That’s the secret to pushing forward

Don’t let the storms sink your ship

Raise your flag up high

Cuz “God with us”




What’s worse than being lonely?

Being lonely in a crowd

Worst than that?

Being lonely in a crowd by choice

And that’s worst because

It’s not really by choice

It’s out of fear of being fucked over

So mingling but never belong

Give but never take

See but never show

Bleed out for but never allow to be bleed for

It’s lonely

But there are worst things than being lonely

Like having your heart ripped out

Vampire dairies style

One  moment pumping

And the next ripped and crushed

Yeah there are worst things

Nobody said knowledge was easy

Nobody said wisdom was freeing


Uneasy lies the crown wearing head


Inspired by a story


So I lay in a pool of my own blood

The steady drop of it oneness with my heartbeat

Crimson red or tomato red I can’t say

Forgive me for my color blindness

At least now I can blame it on the loss of blood

They say when you’re about to die

Your life flash before you

But all I can hear is your voice

Repeatedly ,over and over

Like a broken record

Congratulation your wish is about to come true

Damm you cuz you cant even let this moment pass

I still as I  hear your voice in my head

You were the only one to ever scale the walls

I was surprised

But more surprised that you wanted to stay

When you started talking of the beauty outside

And I began to wonder what it was like

I got scared

When I started wishing to see it

I decided

You had to go

Now I hear you like I did the day I made you leave

Telling me one day if I don’t bring down my tower of thorns

Pricking anyone that dares come close

One day people will stop trying

And I’ll lay dying in my castle and nobody will help

Cuz  nobody will know and even if they do

They wouldn’t care

Well smartass

You were right

Silence ……..



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This is Freedom


Pick a call, make a decision

The noise of their silence roar

Judging with their expressionless eyes

As they seat still their restlessness rubs off

Make a choice, join a race

Their mouth sings from a locked lips

In silence they judge

In patience they hasten

One step to get away

Two steps to get away

More to allow more distance

To keep from seeing the contrast between the speech and action

More steps and then ……..

Down goes the journey

The moment before reaching the bottom

The moment that separates the before from the after

The time when life flashes

And the knowledge that’s obviously too late comes

The roar is within

Their condemmnation is heard

But only because of the voice howling in agreement from within

Quiet the storm inside

And the inner giant can overcome their little yaps

As the splash of the many waters is heard

And despair mix with dread

Final thoughts sings

Maybe the waters will sing the story

Maybe the waters will keep the memories

Maybe one day it will howl it out

And keep another from taking the leap

The roar is within

Down down down

And then a hand reaches

Up up up

The after moment

Deep breathe

This is life

It is good

This is freedom

It is freeing



Something dark and wrong

Brewing under

Something twisted and torn

Patiently waiting

Something volatile and crippling

Waiting to pioneer

All patiently staring

Waiting for an opportunity

Something lovely and pleasant

Visible to all

Something pure and clear

Reflecting for the world

Something good and known

A familiar scent to hunt

A thin line lies between the two

Both raging to stay on top

Both wishing to eradicate the other

Struggles of humanity

Forget what you see

What lies underneath