Little bird, small and might

Hide your voice let them grow

Hide your might so you can grow

Allow no users allow no killers

Guide your secret close to your heart

From all that take, to wound or kill

For fear or envy they will act

From all exploit for that they’ll do

For evil or perceived good

Protect yourself from them all

Until chosen time the time to fly

Until chosen time the time to reign

Until chosen time the time to help

So many destinies depend on you

Never be selfish never a coward

Creator has made you the balm

The balm to soothe He made you

So little bird hide and grow

Until chosen time the time to sing

Until chosen time the time to rise

Until chosen time the to time to fulfill

My little bird rest your wings

Let the creator complete his work

The good work He’s doing in you



A happy tune for a reunion

Tick tick

What to tell?

Tick tock

What apology to give

No excuses


That will be insulting

So what to say

Tick tick tock

Talk about a birthday?

Will that pull forgiveness?

But it’s passed

So what now?

Maybe just say sorry?


Respect and sincerity

“Am sorry for my absence”



You know those pictures that speak a thousand words ?

That pass across the message without having to say a word

And you hear it loud and clear

Whatever your language is

You understand

Unless you’re a fucking retard

I think this is one of them

Or maybe am just projecting

If so jokes on me then

Seems to reflect how I feel tho

Waiting for a lot of things