Being insecure is a burden

To be strong is not easy

To live is war

Death is a risk

Peace has a price

Chaos crushes all

To merry is to be happy

Tears is the leaking of the heart

Life is a mystery

It’s inhabitant seeks to unravel

From foundation to the peak

From the lowest to the highest

One thing is common to all

Nobody knows tomorrow

Nobody can change the past

Everybody wants a better future

Everybody has a burden

Keep up

Or fall away

Note  one

Nothing last forever

Note  two

Love conquer all

Note three

Love can destroy all

Note  four

All was made by ,through& for Him

The strong and the weak

The broken and the whole

All He aches for


Random log 03.07.2016


Time I Made it out of my room (cuz I woke up late which was because I Slept late again  (sorry  mum) but not as late as the usuals so yeeeh to mama bear) after doing  devotion, planning and some chores. Prepared to feed the chicken so I Poured food&water and went to set it down but the contents slouched out cuz I dropped it too quickly because I was scared of him/her pecking me. At the less than graceful delivery the chicken looked at me and the Bible verse I read earlier on about wisdom came to my mind  but cuz am the higher mammal I refused to take the bait  (and the chicken now demoted to it)  I  thought to ‘I See what you’re doing but am not going to bite’. Before I finish the telepathic communication the chicken was already pecking at it’s food leaving me to wonder if I had imagined the whole exchange. Chicken 1 Human 0, it is on Elena(yes am calling the chicken Elena now cuz the real Elena broke my heart when she Left  Stephen for Damon even though we love Damon, in case you’re wondering am talking about Vampire Diaries)

Hehehehe So my brother Finally accepts his little baby is all grown up and wants to have the talk hehehehe unfortunately there’s nothing to talk about but I might just play along and watch him struggle (did I mention I love my family? )

Soul searching 

Am caught between two dimensions. I rise from one but can’t help but appreciate the other. I love the later for it’s simplicity and straightforwardness and the formal for it’s bindings. I Can’t go strictly for one cuz it both got flaws so I merge the two  and make something better but at a price. The price is not fitting in at either, the result is best of the two, flaws of the two and loneliness. Is the result and price  worth the process though, a little too late for the questions cuz the process started long ago. Click goes the final nail of the coffin, nothing is permanent so steps could always be retraced but the current path is alluring and it’ll be rad if no correction is needed. More than the thirst for the allure is the heart squeezing burn for the perfect will of the Highest and for that everything can be forfeited because nothing would be in the first place if not for.

Soul searching is good but even better  is my meal for the night, can still feel the taste on my tongue.

We didn’t forget you, your word was important but we don’t want to talk about  it, don’t wanna think about it.  


We call it an eye opening day, how was yours? You can tell us we won’t tell anybody. Well maybe Jane (from Jane the Virgin) (that’s what we’re calling the  morning pages book) 


Wolves by One direction 

Random log 2.07.2016


Forget the time, actually forget everything and deal with the feeling make it go away so it doesn’t drown you. Do something don’t just let it win,whimpering in the corner the zeal is strong but the means is weak. Ask me, make me talk, maybe then we can make sense of things too but the acting is good and no brow is raised. They say time heals all wounds, we think “they” is full of crap.

Too much thoughts, leave it covered girl maybe another day we’ll win hopefully then it won’t be too late.  Can’t let The  sacrifice be in vain, can’t let their effort go to waste. Maybe someday….. maybe…. someday when things settle it’ll all make sense or maybe it won’t, maybe it would be conquered. 

Something pm

Room’s arranged and locked, not going to risk those bundles exploding in the room again. 

Now mama is worried about the lack of sleep, might not to get to sleep in the room after all. Will still get you bed, this is war. 

Did some task, read a novel we’re not sure   we like, watched a film,Liked it in the beginning and then the ending sucked. Not gonna  call the day though, it’s just gonna be one more thing we don’t think about. 

Gonna call yours?  What will be the call; good? okay? bad? a day from hell? Or you’re not calling too? 

Random logs 01,07,2016


1cor. 3vs23

“and you are of Christ…….. ”

I am of Christ….. Can’t think of a better way to start the month, Happy New Month by the way. May it bring us good tidings and all that jazz, you may be wondering why am so perky for some who hasn’t slept in a while …well… It’s a new month and as always all things new comes with the promise of a better than the previous. So let’s try and not muck this month up eeeeh? 

With that am off to sleep 


Kids……As much as You love them they can still be a pain in the behind, I just finished arranging my room something I’ve being putting off for days now and in walked my first nephew .It’s just him so I taught  I can still manage, Little damage maybe. And while still trying to ‘manage ‘ I heard the sound of my first niece, that’s when I lost all hope now my room looks almost like I didn’t do anything this morning, I mean have got coke stain on the bed spread. 

But with all that I still love them and will not trade this moment for anything (ok maybe some quiet and food but lemonades right). Love them 

Oh and I Slept (hurray) 


Love this book, need to quickly find the sequel. Hope it follows the trend ,no information overload trying to choke me, no change in pov and fingers crossed no new characters. Hate it when that happens, gives me anxiety and headaches trying to piece things together, of course it’s not like a gun is being held to my brain just my believe that it’s a crime to pass on good books. Passing up on Rick Rioden books or Mercy Thompson series is definitely not advisable, I rate it with the same crime as not considering Pacific Rim as one  of the coolest movie ever. 

A word from the Lord, time with my little munchkins, a meal I crave and a good book I think It’s safe to call it a good da….. wait…… My room’s worse than it was before I arranged it due to the said munchkins ministrations ……. nah…. Let’s call it a good day

12:26am-switching over, I call the previous  a good day. Any contradiction ? 

Music worth noting in today’s playlist 


Sam Smith -Like I can

Random logs 30.06.2016

It’s 7:29 am and I haven’t shut my eyes since yesterday, though I  woke up in the afternoon yesterday too cuz I didn’t sleep till morning. See a trend?… I do and I don’t like it, it leaves me with sort of an imaginary real (hehehehe,  the way I am with words oiii?)  pain in my chest. I know the cause, I know how to make it go away but knowing is half the job they say…….psssffft


Funny how it seems the answer to all problem can be provided by google, I mean really?. Oh and in case you’re wondering still haven’t slept, maybe I Should ask google (get the joke? Hehehrhr……. Am so funny….. not) 
2:35am (the next day incase you’re wondering) 

Still haven’t slept, does this count as insomnia? 

On the bright side I manage to get some Long overdue tasks done like the new Chapter I wanted to write (though instead of continuing the I already had on ground, I Started a new one )

The point of this post?    Hmmmmm….  A mystery we might never solve….. Love Megamind



‘Keep your hand out of my pot’ I imagine that’s what my mum will say if she saw me helping myself to bits maybe a whole cut of the meat she asked me to scoop from the pot into a bowl to keep in the fridge but in my defence I did look for the smallest one and how else will I show my love to her if not through the things she bought /brought home?
Don’t gimme that look



Nothing could be worst than this
And then the rain start falling
One drop,two drop and then the gates open
One drop I  hear the words you said ringing again in my ears
Two drop I hear you laugh at my pain
The gates open and I remember everything
The little insults
The little mockery
Two steps to the right and I see what a fool I’d being
Two steps to the left and I  wonder why I had given you such power
One to the back and then the front I remember my mama used to call me beautiful
Round a tree I turn, laughing
Drench in rain the beautiful yellow gown I wore for you glimmers
Everything I do to please you even as I hurt me
But it was never enough for you
Not anymore
Happily I dance in the rain
Turning and twirling I let it heal me
Never knew dancing in the rain was this therapeutic
Healed by the touch of nature