The question for today:My Dream Job

It’s kind of a tie for me, I love writing and I love fashion.  I would love to have like a fashion franchise one day with upcoming designers signed to my business, I guess like a site that sells different brands but I won’t be restricted to selling alone. Majorly just to give them a platform to rise. I’ll also like to have my own cloth line. 

I would also love to publish a book (or thousands) one day.

So….. What’s yours? 

Apologies for my absence this past month but it’s for good and bad reasons, I decided to change my phone and didn’t know the interval between selling the old one and getting a new one will be that long. Even though I could have used my system since I usually do to blog, a lot of things were already off because of the phone’s absence that I couldn’t. And then I got sick and was in the hospital for almost a week,getting released and recovering completely to be able to blog took a while.  But I thank God am okay and I got my phone now so…… happy to be back.


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