Favorite Booktubbers

I feel like my post list are usually in 5’s.

Today I want to talk about my favorite booktubbers because they deserve a post, they point the direction for good books, coming releases and they generally help navigate the huge sea of books available. Booktubbers help narrow down tbr’s by giving an idea of what to read next (bloggers too but today is for booktubbers).

The list


1.Katytastic – unfortunately she’s not very present in the scene at the moment due to some issues (watch this video if you wanna know) but she introduced me to the book world so I cannot but put her name here and as the first.


2.PeruseProject – she should be my number 3 but she’s so consistent and has a video out regularly that I can’t in good conscious rate her as number 3. I like her channel and she has a really good book taste sometimes different from my kind of books but still I almost always watch her videos.


3. abookutopia – like I said she should have been number two but she’s not so consistent as before which is understandable; she’s putting out a book, going to college , she moved recently I think  so I get why she’s not as out there as before but still….that apart, I absolutely love her channel, her sense of humor and book taste right up my alley. I recommend her to anybody looking to get introduced to the booktube world.

mqdefault (1).jpg

4. Thoughts on Tomes – I just started watching her recently and I am a fan!, I love the way she reviews , her povs on books, her…her…I mean…..i mean…. Well I guess my inability to form a speech speaks for itself.

th (9).jpg

5.Epicreads – love the channel.

There are lots more on YouTube and am welcome to suggestions.

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