If I tell you about myself

what will you do?
Will I have gained a new friend
Or A new knife in my back?
Or worst of all
Will you understand
Will you understand what it took
To lay myself bare before you?
Will you guess at what it cost
To show my scar and still bleeding wounds?
Would you wonder how my heart still beats
Despite all the wounds its endured
Will you look at me with amazement
And tell me how brave I am ?
If I not only tell you of the past battles
But also show you
Will you understand the courage
It took to turn my back to you
To show you the scars ?
Would you help
Help to remove the knifes still stuck
Stuck where I couldn’t reach ?
Please answer!
Will all this mean anything to you?
Because am tired of bearing it all
It’s starting to become too heavy
The burden of it all
You told me to trust you
Crazy thing
Am thinking about doing that
But what will be your reaction to my action?
Will you make me hurt more
Or will you sooth my wound
Would you help my heart beat stronger
Or will you crush it the more?
I can’t take this risk



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