Hi,how was your weekend, hope it was good?. I started this challenge last week, this is the link to the first one Weakly Update 01

1. I am currently reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson a book I thought I probably will never read cuz it’s so long! 😱 which is why I’ve  being putting it off for forever. It’s being on my tbr list since last year cuz it had good reviews in the book world but I kept shifting it cuz of the intimidating size. Thinking about reading it alone makes me anxious; all those pages before the end, different ways things could go wrong, the betrayals that can happen, the  misunderstandings………makes my heart race and brain twitch (that’s probably not a thing). Anyhoo am reading it, started today and am 200+ pages in and it’s being smooth sailing so far (feel free to drop your thoughts on the book so I have something to keep me going when things become hard)….. signs… the things I do to myself…..

2. Am a girl. pretty obvious but…. 

3.I believe in God and Jesus Christ our lord

4. Am a Nigerian 

5. Am not the most patient person most times

6. I value family cuz I don’t believe in friends (why risk the possibility of getting hurt?)  so when I meet people who I can relate with they get elevated to my family circle which brings us to the next

7.I love my family 

8. Am a very private person and I don’t like talking about myself which is why I probably won’t get to 20.

9.I prefer solitude to the multitude even more though; I love solitude with a person just like me.

10. I really hate talking about myself so…. till next time  fun. 

Live right, Live true, Live free. 

Jesus loves you .


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