Top 5 Favorite Angsty Romances

Am subscribed to this YouTubber Thoughts On Tomes and I really like her videos (her favorite & least book couples was what sold me on her channel, she’s funny and I like the way she kept saying it’s dumb). She does top 5 video  for different topics on Wednesdays on her channel and she linked the group she follows on goodreads for the topic so I decided to check it out and I loved it. Couldn’t post yesterday (and Tuesday) cuz of some network issue am having (still having) but I loved this week’s topic so I figured I’ll do it anyway. 

The topic pretty much says all

the group’s link 

And this is the description given for angst on the group :
March 22nd- Favorite Angsty Romances

This topic has been much requested! Talk about your favorite ships that have a healthy side of angst. (definition: adj.: describes a situation or literary piece which contains dark, depressing, angry, and/or brooding emotions from the participating characters.) 

Here is my list with the goodreads links And links for the ones I reviewed 

1. Ignite Me

I reviewed this series immediately I finished reading it but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. I gotta say this series as a whole is pretty great but zeroing on Juliete and Warren’s romance is just something else. Warren is one of those male characters that you should probably hate but can’t, seriously if you haven’t given it a read please do you shouldn’t be disappointed.  

A Court of Mist And Fury 

Since I already posted a review of this book I’ll just put the link to it here ,give it a read.
3. Six of Crows Series 

Kaz oh Kaz, yeah my favorite ship in the series is Kaz and Inaj (Mattias is a close runner up but the ending……)  

4. It Ends With US

Also already reviewed this too and here’s the link

5. Half Blood (Covenant Series)

Am yet to finish this book; got two more books to read but what have read so far I love . I really really hate love triangles but this was not so bad and her reason for wavering between Seth and Aiden is pretty understandable. I totally ship Alex and Aiden

So i tag abooknation and booksnacks to do this tag

1.Link back

2. Have fun 


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