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Sunday, March 19, 2017

I saw this somewhere (I can’t remember where) and I thought maybe I’ll do it as get to know me (not going to answer every question on the list tho) plus I just changed my blog’s theme. You might have noticed the difference in my web lay out (I hope), have being meaning to change it since January. Finally was able to do it on Thursday. The new theme is Cerauno and I  love it!!!!!. It has absolutely everything I need and even the things I want that I didn’t think I could get all in one package. It’s absolutely amazing and exactly what I wanted.

Now for the prompt

Your Blog’s name:

My blog’s name is Skirtdiary21writes, my url is skirtdiary21writes.wordpress.com. I choose Skirtdiary21 cuz I started the blog when I was 21 years of age, then I started with a fashion blog and since I only wear skirts (and dresses) and it was supposed to be like my diary; herego the name Skirtdiary21.

Later, much later, I started this one for other stuffs not fashion related and am so glad I did. I love writing but have being having problem with the other blog so I think am going to focus on this for now and the little fashion stuff I wanna talk about will be done here (on Tuesdays ).

So………yeah……I think that’s all I have to say about my blog for now.

Big thank you to anyone and everyone who liked, left me a comment, gave me a follow or contributed to me one way or the other; really appreciate it.


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