My Prayers

Written by TR_letters

Over my instinct lemmie be king
True to myself even to others
I pray I rise when I fall..
That you’ll always come to my rescue
Pray that I see life more than it is
And to go a long way with ease
More than wealth wisdom I ask
life’s pleasure over its boredom
And a kingdom over which I rule
To all my beliefs let there be freedom

I pray I don’t fall for evil sweets
And for its plot I grow dumb
I pray I become the man I wanna be
And also for the queen to rule with me
That she’ll be strong and a sea of wisdom
Gem of goodness not of evil
Pray she wins over life issues
And become brave like the eagles

I pray I have sense than pride
So my spirit won’t live in dismay
Pray I don’t live to hurt many
Pray all of my wishes come with a plus
Pray I won’t be lonely
Pray I end up with my love


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