Inspired by a story


So I lay in a pool of my own blood

The steady drop of it oneness with my heartbeat

Crimson red or tomato red I can’t say

Forgive me for my color blindness

At least now I can blame it on the loss of blood

They say when you’re about to die

Your life flash before you

But all I can hear is your voice

Repeatedly ,over and over

Like a broken record

Congratulation your wish is about to come true

Damm you cuz you cant even let this moment pass

I still as I  hear your voice in my head

You were the only one to ever scale the walls

I was surprised

But more surprised that you wanted to stay

When you started talking of the beauty outside

And I began to wonder what it was like

I got scared

When I started wishing to see it

I decided

You had to go

Now I hear you like I did the day I made you leave

Telling me one day if I don’t bring down my tower of thorns

Pricking anyone that dares come close

One day people will stop trying

And I’ll lay dying in my castle and nobody will help

Cuz  nobody will know and even if they do

They wouldn’t care

Well smartass

You were right

Silence ……..



Don’t let the past event mar your future

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