RANDOM LOGS 09.08.2016

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Just wanna say this, the movie AVATER?, spectacular. Just saw it today and wow, such beautiful scenery (and good sense of fashion, breeze flowing in undisturbed, awesome right?). It’ll be fun if a place like that really existed ,don’t mean alien planet but a place that beautiful and uncorrupted. Anyhoo, my logs being a while. Things has being good, ups and downs and all that shindig.

Soul search

Where to start?, no, not tonight. Not for lack but it wouldn’t make sense. It’ll be nice to have something like the bird connection in the movie. Something you can connect to and be one with, no deceptions , no hiding, no insecurities. One thought…..one sight…..one heart beat…..perfect harmony. My bed calls


A day of reflection……heavy……caged…….pregnant with promise. A good day. What do you call yours?


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