Random log 2.07.2016


Forget the time, actually forget everything and deal with the feeling make it go away so it doesn’t drown you. Do something don’t just let it win,whimpering in the corner the zeal is strong but the means is weak. Ask me, make me talk, maybe then we can make sense of things too but the acting is good and no brow is raised. They say time heals all wounds, we think “they” is full of crap.

Too much thoughts, leave it covered girl maybe another day we’ll win hopefully then it won’t be too late.  Can’t let The  sacrifice be in vain, can’t let their effort go to waste. Maybe someday….. no..no maybe…. someday when things settle it’ll all make sense or maybe it won’t, maybe it would be conquered. 

Something pm

Room’s arranged and locked, not going to risk those bundles exploding in the room again. 

Now mama is worried about the lack of sleep, might not to get to sleep in the room after all. Will still get you bed, this is war. 

Did some task, read a novel we’re not sure   we like, watched a film,Liked it in the beginning and then the ending sucked. Not gonna  call the day though, it’s just gonna be one more thing we don’t think about. 

Gonna call yours?  What will be the call; good? okay? bad? a day from hell? Or you’re not calling too? 


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