Random logs 30.06.2016

It’s 7:29 am and I haven’t shut my eyes since yesterday, though I  woke up in the afternoon yesterday too cuz I didn’t sleep till morning. See a trend?… I do and I don’t like it, it leaves me with sort of an imaginary real (hehehehe,  the way I am with words oiii?)  pain in my chest. I know the cause, I know how to make it go away but knowing is half the job they say…….psssffft


Funny how it seems the answer to all problem can be provided by google, I mean really?. Oh and in case you’re wondering still haven’t slept, maybe I Should ask google (get the joke? Hehehrhr……. Am so funny….. not) 
2:35am (the next day incase you’re wondering) 

Still haven’t slept, does this count as insomnia? 

On the bright side I manage to get some Long overdue tasks done like the new Chapter I wanted to write (though instead of continuing the I already had on ground, I Started a new one )

The point of this post?    Hmmmmm….  A mystery we might never solve….. Love Megamind


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