Random logs 01,07,2016


1cor. 3vs23

“and you are of Christ…….. ”

I am of Christ….. Can’t think of a better way to start the month, Happy New Month by the way. May it bring us good tidings and all that jazz, you may be wondering why am so perky for some who hasn’t slept in a while …well… It’s a new month and as always all things new comes with the promise of a better than the previous. So let’s try and not muck this month up eeeeh? 

With that am off to sleep 


Kids……As much as You love them they can still be a pain in the behind, I just finished arranging my room something I’ve being putting off for days now and in walked my first nephew .It’s just him so I taught  I can still manage, Little damage maybe. And while still trying to ‘manage ‘ I heard the sound of my first niece, that’s when I lost all hope now my room looks almost like I didn’t do anything this morning, I mean have got coke stain on the bed spread. 

But with all that I still love them and will not trade this moment for anything (ok maybe some quiet and food but lemonades right). Love them 

Oh and I Slept (hurray) 


Love this book, need to quickly find the sequel. Hope it follows the trend ,no information overload trying to choke me, no change in pov and fingers crossed no new characters. Hate it when that happens, gives me anxiety and headaches trying to piece things together, of course it’s not like a gun is being held to my brain just my believe that it’s a crime to pass on good books. Passing up on Rick Rioden books or Mercy Thompson series is definitely not advisable, I rate it with the same crime as not considering Pacific Rim as one  of the coolest movie ever. 

A word from the Lord, time with my little munchkins, a meal I crave and a good book I think It’s safe to call it a good da….. wait…… My room’s worse than it was before I arranged it due to the said munchkins ministrations ……. nah…. Let’s call it a good day

12:26am-switching over, I call the previous  a good day. Any contradiction ? 

Music worth noting in today’s playlist 


Sam Smith -Like I can


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