‘Keep your hand out of my pot’ I imagine that’s what my mum will say if she saw me helping myself to bits maybe a whole cut of the meat she asked me to scoop from the pot into a bowl to keep in the fridge but in my defence I did look for the smallest one and how else will I show my love to her if not through the things she bought /brought home?
Don’t gimme that look

1 corinthians 1 vs 27&28


Sometimes being strong is not enough to heal the pain of the past

Good thing that ………..

27 ……….. God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;

God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things

—and the things that are not—

to nullify the things that are,




In a world full of questions and uncertainty

It’s easy to fall into despair about tomorrow

Fear about the things we can’t control

And even the things we could control

We fear we’re gonna end up being wrong about

Fear can be powerful

Fear can be crippling

Fear will literally hold you down to a place

Reduced to a shivering mess of body

Justified or unfounded.

They say fear is False Expectation Appearing Real

It’s not always false though

Like the response to the sight of a loose seemingly hungry lion

True or false

Do not give in

As always …..easier said than done

Lets start conquering our fear

It only has as much power as we’ll give it

Be in control


To the one struggling right now

Trying to beat the odds

Trying not to sink under the heavy weight of harshness

Trying to keep moving

Even when the best option seems to crawl up into a ball

To those who dared to dream

Even while being forced to stay awake by the pangs of hunger

To those who dare to be better than what their surrounding expects

To those who dare to breathe while being choked by the rules of the world

To those who dare to be different in a world where it’s almost a taboo

To those who dare to sing with merry while wiping tears of agony

To all of us who hope to leave our print on this world of iron

With heads raised high

Forging ahead while using the screams of mockery around us as fuel

To us who believe in a better tomorrow

To us who believe

May our struggle yield good produce

Looking unto the author and finisher of our faith

Let us forge ahead

May we never bow to their blindness

Onward soldiers !

We are never alone5065adf2031597ff1e7c95d498f437a9.jpg