The room was quiet ,so quiet a pin drop will be heard , a very strange happening in a house with a full family where everyone also has their family already .Even the little kids are aware of the tense situation and were silently clinging to their parents loins.

Knowing what was coming apparently didn’t help to lessen  the blow of it’s effect and even though it was a relieve that their mother, grandma to the little ones finally took her last breath after fighting  the sickness for the past two month, they still wish it was all a lie, that she wasn’t dead  and someone will jump out of a curtain telling them it was just a prank and that she is fine.

The ring of the phone rang loudly through the entire house and no one made an attempt to pick it because the response from the other end of the receiver will finalize what they know to be already true but wished was otherwise.

Standing up on shaky  legs grandpa ALEX picked the phone with a deep throated “hello”

And the fall of their grandpa as he dropped the phone told them all they need to know, grandma is truly gone and if care is not taken grandpa is not far behind.

What a morning it was, the morning after she died when things took a shift in another direction for the family.


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