I felt the car welcome me as I stepped inside

Surrounded by steel and leather I feel at home

With a deep breath I inhale

The amazing smell of oil and everything that is this car

Hands to the key I felt the surge of energy

Pure, raw and uncut

I dare not turn the key

I dare not start

As much as I want to

Oh ! I want to

But I must not

Cuz I know at the end of the road is a ditch

And there’s no way to avoid it

But I itch to try

To be wild if only for a moment

Drive away without looking back

Forgetting  everything about being responsible

To let go and drift

But  nobody drift upstream I hear

Only downstream

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss

And knowledge a burden

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

And the struggle of the journey is what makes the destination worth it

But I wish…….

Turning the key I hear  it roar to life

Just a notch and……..

Down girl

I turned it off and stepped out

Unfucking easy is the head that wears the crown


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