Sitting beside you, content just to see you smiling

She’s good for you, you say

My smile threaten to falter but I pulled it back on

Am good at this

Suffering in silence

Have being able to pull it off

Because the pain was never this strong

I always hoped that somehow you’ll find your way back to me

If you love something set it free they say

If it’s yours it’ll come back to you

What a load of bullshit

It’s crap cuz I know no one can ever love you as much as I do

No one can be as perfect for you as I’ll be

Yet have lost you to someone else

Again load of crap I say

It is all good though

Better it never happen

Than to start and then crash and burn

At least now I get to have you as a friend

At least now I can move on

But I’ll never forget you

Cuz I loved you

Hell I still do


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