So much time we lose ourselves while trying to fit in

While trying  to be someone acceptable to the community

Often at the detriment of our self

Becoming just another face in the crowd

Caring too much about what other will think

We lay in denial of our true nature

Choosing rather too go the way of the world

The funny thing though is nobody cares

Really; Nobody

For all the criticism, judgment and even rejection

At the long run or even frequently short span

Everything settles and people move on

To the next juicy story

Like a vulture seeing the possibility of a meal

They circle and darken the sky

But at the end they leave when there’s no carcass

If you give so much power to that short moment

You’ll lose your uniqueness

Choosing rather to be just another figure

So as not to raise their ire

You may blend in and be accepted

But inside the very thing that makes you, you

That distinguish you from every other dies

Slow with each imitation of the presumed  perfect

The candid perfection in you is choked till it lays still

Still as a corpse

Then you become just another doll in the warehouse

Starting a blog has truly being a blessing

Here I see it’s okay to be different

Beautiful   even

Be beautiful too

Defile the norm

Make your creator proud

Let  the vultures die of starvation

Live .



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