Tuesday, March 08, 2016



This is probably another bad idea but who cares? It’s not like am gonna share it with anyone I  just need a place where I can collect my thoughts and come to terms with what am feeling and maybe make a decision. A dairy is totally what I need right now (great! Now am arguing with myself)

So ……..dear diary(wow! I sound like a 5th grader)….umm….am gonna call you Edward(sorry if you don’t like the name but am a big fan of the twilight series….you probably don’t care since you’re just a book but I digress).

Things is not so great right now, am in the stage where things is just developing and nothing is certain yet. Am pulled in different directions , torn between what I want and what is right while wishing the two could be the same. And am the kind that’s always 100% never half or almost full ,it’s either all or nothing.

Ok am not making sense to you am just going to stop(am referring to a book, of course I don’t make sense). Am just going to stop here maybe I’ll write some other times


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