It’s easy to observe when people don’t notice you

Walking down the street to the market

Head bent, hair covering my face

Hiding away from humanity

I know this route by heart

I could walk it eyes closed

I wish I could close my eyes

Or never come here

But survival calls

It’s the only market in the village

As usual and on time it unfolds again the wail of the little child

Sold to slavery by parents to the cruel master

Forced to grow up  above time

I looked up and I see his hand strike down the child

And a tear fall from my eye

That at least I can do

Little further down I saw the pretty bony girl

So pretty she should be a princess but life is cruel

Begging for food

As I walk down to give her something

I see a man grab her roughly

‘Leave her alone’ I heard myself say

Well I must be going crazy

Cuz am really sure he could toss me with just a finger

‘Am sorry’ I apologized and start to walk away

Through her eyes I saw her heart break

Sorry princess ,self preservation

Few steps more I  looked back

I saw him dragging her to an alley

Nobody paid attention ,giving way for the monster to pass

There and then I broke

So much injustice in the world

Nobody doing anything

Fuck this

I picked up a stone and charged at him

Surprised he turned and with that look he fell

Grabbing  the girl I placed myself in front of her

Facing the crowd expecting their ire

But nothing

Like nothing  happened, people continued on their path

Seeing my look of confusion

The girl whispered in my ear

‘Nobody cares’

And as the man start to come around

We took to our heels mixing with  people

Humans   with no humanity




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