You should have left me in the dark

Where the stars and the moon are all blown out

You should have left me cocooned in my block of ice

Where nothing can touch me

Where am too numb to feel it even if anything did

But you didn’t

Curiosity killed the cat

All I wanted was to move nearer

Just to understand this thing blazing before me

Hot liquid lighting up everything around it

I was drawn in

Your fire showed me a new world

Filled with beauty and vigor

I wanted more so I moved nearer

Your heat warmed me inside out and I wanted more

Like a lamb to the slaughter I drew nearer

Each step closer and I feel alive

A little too late I realized the price to pay for that

Drip drip drip drip drip

I looked down and  my cocoon of protection is gone

Not even a patch on the floor as your fire lapped it up

Here I am, with no walls, no pretence, no mirage

Just me

Scared, scarred and broken

How foolish

So I wait for the pain to come

For the look of disgust

For the thrust of your blade in my heart

But all you did was look like you had found a treasure

And you never wanna let go

And for the first time I smiled

Happy and with hope for the future

Let His fire burn away your darkness


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