They call it 5 min madness

Moment in time contrary to norm

Could be a laughter out of place

A tear for no apparent reason

Shouting at no one in particular

A dance without a song

Or just staring off into the space

Inexplicable moments

Or maybe it can be explained

After a hard day

After trying to be strong and not give in

After experiencing a loss so great

Or maybe when nothing seems to be making sense

Nothing going according to plan

But there’s nothing you can do about it

Powerless to stop the world from  spinning ,

To stop the music from changing just when you master the steps

It could also be the experience of unquantifiable happiness

And you just can’t keep it in

It could be everything, anything or nothing

5 minutes  of  raw emotions

Or it could just be a moment of madness truly

What do I know


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