It’s easy to observe when people don’t notice you

Walking down the street to the market

Head bent, hair covering my face

Hiding away from humanity

I know this route by heart

I could walk it eyes closed

I wish I could close my eyes

Or never come here

But survival calls

It’s the only market in the village

As usual and on time it unfolds again the wail of the little child

Sold to slavery by parents to the cruel master

Forced to grow up  above time

I looked up and I see his hand strike down the child

And a tear fall from my eye

That at least I can do

Little further down I saw the pretty bony girl

So pretty she should be a princess but life is cruel

Begging for food

As I walk down to give her something

I see a man grab her roughly

‘Leave her alone’ I heard myself say

Well I must be going crazy

Cuz am really sure he could toss me with just a finger

‘Am sorry’ I apologized and start to walk away

Through her eyes I saw her heart break

Sorry princess ,self preservation

Few steps more I  looked back

I saw him dragging her to an alley

Nobody paid attention ,giving way for the monster to pass

There and then I broke

So much injustice in the world

Nobody doing anything

Fuck this

I picked up a stone and charged at him

Surprised he turned and with that look he fell

Grabbing  the girl I placed myself in front of her

Facing the crowd expecting their ire

But nothing

Like nothing  happened, people continued on their path

Seeing my look of confusion

The girl whispered in my ear

‘Nobody cares’

And as the man start to come around

We took to our heels mixing with  people

Humans   with no humanity






When you love someone

Their happiness comes before yours

You’ll do anything for them

Heart on your sleeve

That I know for sure

And I thought so did everyone

How wrong of me

Amazed I look at your retreating back

Walking further and further away from me

An d I keep expecting you to turn back

To apologize and  let me know it was a mistake

Or better still to wake up and realize it was all a dream

But as the night stole your figure

And the wheezing sound coming from me gets fainter

Sitting by the side of the ocean

Where you had drowned my heart and all I gave to you

I realize  I was wrong

Love everyone but protect yourself from them

Lesson learnt babe

Trust only the giver of life


6d91acb124cb2c3033a7dee8f81e1d0a.jpgComing out with book in hand

Three  thoughts

1.A genius showing off

2.Someone who couldn’t wait to get out

So eager to leave she couldn’t pack her bag


Never assume anything  about anyone

If you can’t ask don’t conclude

3.I don’t care

Don’t assume everything is about you

Not everyone is out to get you

Some people couldn’t possibly care less about you

Two reasons we’re affected by the action of others

1.We care too much about other peoples’ opinion

2.We are not sure about ourselves

Care more about yourself

Less about others

Wish everyone well

Easier said than done





You should have left me in the dark

Where the stars and the moon are all blown out

You should have left me cocooned in my block of ice

Where nothing can touch me

Where am too numb to feel it even if anything did

But you didn’t

Curiosity killed the cat

All I wanted was to move nearer

Just to understand this thing blazing before me

Hot liquid lighting up everything around it

I was drawn in

Your fire showed me a new world

Filled with beauty and vigor

I wanted more so I moved nearer

Your heat warmed me inside out and I wanted more

Like a lamb to the slaughter I drew nearer

Each step closer and I feel alive

A little too late I realized the price to pay for that

Drip drip drip drip drip

I looked down and  my cocoon of protection is gone

Not even a patch on the floor as your fire lapped it up

Here I am, with no walls, no pretence, no mirage

Just me

Scared, scarred and broken

How foolish

So I wait for the pain to come

For the look of disgust

For the thrust of your blade in my heart

But all you did was look like you had found a treasure

And you never wanna let go

And for the first time I smiled

Happy and with hope for the future

Let His fire burn away your darkness



Sometimes what is not

Is more powerful than what is

Things where are not aware of

The serene atmosphere when we sleep

The loud voice of silence as most things go to rest

The universe working to give another chance to mankind

A new day to make things right

A clean slate to design

A new page without the smudges of the past

But we don’t see

We fail to realize what a previous gift we’re given

A new day with it’s light shinning bright

Filled with so much possibility and opportunities

Good morning lovelies

Let’s make today the best day we’ve ever  lived yet

Leave the pain of the past  where it belongs

Use it to make today better

Embrace today and all it entails

Rock today cuz it was made just for you






Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our fatherland

With love and strength and faith

The labor of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom, peace, and unity.


Says the first stanza of my country’s national anthem

Oh! how wonderful it will be if we live the words we utter

If we speak the words with understanding

And conviction about it meanings

If we take the vows seriously

And in everything and everywhere we go remember

Remembering that  some people labor for the freedom we now enjoy

And we do all to guide against their effort being fruitless

Such powerful words!

If you want to change the world start with yourself



I pledge to Nigeria, my country

To be faithful, loyal, and honest

To serve Nigeria with all my strength

To defend her unity

And uphold her honor and glory

So help me God.








They call it 5 min madness

Moment in time contrary to norm

Could be a laughter out of place

A tear for no apparent reason

Shouting at no one in particular

A dance without a song

Or just staring off into the space

Inexplicable moments

Or maybe it can be explained

After a hard day

After trying to be strong and not give in

After experiencing a loss so great

Or maybe when nothing seems to be making sense

Nothing going according to plan

But there’s nothing you can do about it

Powerless to stop the world from  spinning ,

To stop the music from changing just when you master the steps

It could also be the experience of unquantifiable happiness

And you just can’t keep it in

It could be everything, anything or nothing

5 minutes  of  raw emotions

Or it could just be a moment of madness truly

What do I know