Nothing could be worst than this
And then the rain start falling
One drop,two drop and then the gates open
One drop I  hear the words you said ringing again in my ears
Two drop I hear you laugh at my pain
The gates open and I remember everything
The little insults
The little mockery
Two steps to the right and I see what a fool I’d being
Two steps to the left and I  wonder why I had given you such power
One to the back and then the front I remember my mama used to call me beautiful
Round a tree I turn, laughing
Drench in rain the beautiful yellow gown I wore for you glimmers
Everything I do to please you even as I hurt me
But it was never enough for you
Not anymore
Happily I dance in the rain
Turning and twirling I let it heal me
Never knew dancing in the rain was this therapeutic
Healed by the touch of nature


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