Thought they said you don’t miss what was never yours
How wrong
Very wrong
Because I do
Even though I never get the chance to meet you
Even though I only know what you look like from pictures
It still hurts
Heartbreak even before I knew I had a heart
You’re one big gaping hole in my heart that’ll never be filled
Thank you for the gift you gave me
Gift of life
Best family I could ever ask of
Most of all the gift of artistry
And hope you see
As I work to make you proud
I love you

Travelled with my mum today and we saw a old family member,she talked abt my dad and made me wish I knew him.My dad died when I was very young about a year old he was also a writer,a very brilliant one from some of his work I saw ,if I knew how precious they were would have kept them(one of many regrets).sometimes I think am more affected than the rest of my family that had the privilege of some few years with him,crazy right?


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