Like a hawk I watched you

As you struggled with your breath

So precious yet so broken

Helpless I looked on

As tired as you are,still trying to be brave

You shouldn’t need to be brave yet

You shouldn’t have to go through  this alone

I was supposed to protect you from all this

But not now

Not yet

I can’t let my anger show yet

I can’t let the grieve take over yet

Now it’s all about you

Now I have to be here for you,it’s the least I can do

Fuck it’s the only thing I can do

As your breath continue to slow

I can’t take my eyes off you

Now that you’re still with me

I can’t let it show yet

In a while I will

In a while the world will know just how much I hurt

In a while the world will know my hate for the hand it dealt me

My visions blurred but I cleared them

Each moment is precious

I can’t miss any

It will either help me get over you or be my undoing

I want to be undone

I wanna go with you

But I have to be strong for your momma

I doubt I can be of much help to her

As you take your last breath I feel my heart die with you

That’s odd because am still here  but you’re not

You came into our life and heart  not up to a year but l think forever can’t heal the wound you left

They say time heal all wound but I hope not

Because I don’t want to forget you

You were my baby

You are my baby

I was supposed to protect you from the bad of the world

But helpless I  watched you succumb to the disease

RIP son

RIP my heart

RIP to the relationship we might have had


And then I unravel

Let’s be grateful for what we have,more or less;someone somewhere is having it worse that we are.

On a lighter note,happy new month and merry xmas in advance.May each day of the rest of the year be filled with good  gifts and a heart of love for us.

If interested in the storyhttp://
It’s a wonderful story by a wonderful author


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