Long ago I had a friend who writes and a teacher who was also a writer.With their help I unlocked a treasure in me that has helped me in happy times,sad times and heart wrenching painful times.
Have always wanted to share with the world,I started my blog and went months without a single like,comment or follow but still I write,later I came across a post and realised what have being doing wrong.
I made adjustments and in the space of four months I got 20 followers started another account which also now has 32 followers in the space of a month
Am speechless with gratitude
To everyone that has liked my post,comment and went the extra mile of subscribing ;THANK YOU!
You mean the world to me
As this year ends (or has already ended in some part of the world) and another begins,I say may the new year usher in greatness,happiness,love and fulfillment for us
To the Skirtdiary21 &Skirtdiary21writes family I promise to do more
Again thank you
From the very bottom of my heart



Ignore the well powdered face
Am bleeding inside
Ignore the rosy cheek
Am breaking inside
Ignore the aura of confidence
Am coiled in
Ignore my look of certainty
Am a confused little bird
Ignore my smile
Am wailing inside
Outside am put together and neat
Inside am scattered and scarred

Still I move on
The two worlds raging
When will my two worlds heal
For now I bleed



I know I can be crazy
I know my mood swings is giving you a whiplash
Hell am dizzy myself
One moment you’re all I think of
The next I can’t get far from you enough
When they say we’re not right for each other
First I was heartbroken
Cuz I love you
You’re the most wonderful thing to have happened to me
And then it was a relieve
You’re not right for me
Even though you love me
So much even my paranoid mind can’t deny that
That looks good
What was I saying



They say all it takes for evil to fester
Is for good people to do nothing
But what can you do
What do you do when taking action      could cost you your life
And also maybe everything you hold dear
What can you do
We are selfish animals after all
How do you not comprise
How do you rise above the ingrained instinct to protect self first
It’s not impossible
It’s not easy either
Rise above the inner beast

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Ever wonder what it feels like

To have the innocence of a child

The faith that they can have everything and anything they want

The ability to take steps towards their goal

Not minding the obstacle in their paths

That believe that anything they want you just have to give to them

And the trust they that you won’t let any harm come to them

so much so they get angry with you when harmed.

So much love in their heart to accommodate and forgive

Children are truly the most wonderful creature of God.