More age seems like a way to assess some things
While others go to every length to look younger
Looking back on their young days with longing
Wishing they could reverse the hand of time
The beauty of youth
The vigor
The will that anything is possible
And the craziness to do anything
Each with it’s own reason for missing their youth
But I just wish the year could go faster
I wanna grow older than I am
I want to know things will be alright
Wanna move past the stage of emotional imbalance
Not knowing if it will be this or that
I wanna get there to the point
Where my fears are soothed
And the raging sea in me calmed
I want the maturity that comes with experience
A new sweet experience that calms the hurt of the past
Just wanna get to the point where everything is alright
But the rich also cries
Even the old has their peril
Bigger level bigger problem
Guess we just have to keep striving till the day of the Lord.


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