It’s easy to get lost in the sea of faces

Just another number in public record

Just another child delivered into the cold/warm arms of the world

Just another nostrils sucking precious air to give out toxic ones
But the special ones,the one we know

The one we want to identify ourselves with are the ones who go the extra mile to find themselves

To distinguish themselves from the countless warm bodies existing on God’s green going brown earth

Am not there yet

I don’t have everything figured out

But I know enough to know am not just a tally

I can be more

I want to be more

I am more

Have got a fire burning in me

Like a volcano am gonna erupt on the world

Who are you

Find yourself

Don’t just be another face

Be someone

What they call weird is your secret to owning them by the balls or whatever

Let it shine bright

Set the world on fire

Let’s set the world on fire

I rest my case and then turn and stare

Full Stop

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